Assessment and Management

Standard assessment : KFORCE Muscle Controller 

Whatever the devices except the plates, the standard measurement screen shows you the strength or the range of motion evolving in real-time by the way of a manometer and a real time graphwith the KFORCE APP. (Same interface for KFORCE Link, Grip, Sens, Bubble.)

Standard assessment : KFORCE Plates

The Plates standard assessments allow you to measure :

  • Stance evaluations in order to map the COP (centre of pressure) surface as well as the sways displacements and to measure the imbalances in terms of weight distribution between the two legs. 
  •  Dynamic distribution in order to analyse the weight distribution according to the forces intensity on cyclic movements like squats or pushups.


See the patients progress over time and the details of a specific assessment session at any time.

Account Customization

Personalized Reports

Personalize the home screen, the toolbar of KFORCE App as well as the PDF reports with your clinic name, logo and your own Info.

Enhanced work

Customized Activities

You have your own way to proceed for an evaluation or you have in mind an exercise situation not available in our built-in activities situations. Let’s design this easily through our activity edition tool in only 4 steps.

Targeted Exercises and Rehab Games

Retrain your patients both on a funny way and on a targeted way based on the assessment.


Protocols feature allows to preset a list of different activities (Evaluations, Exercises, Games) running successively. It saves a lot of time to get complete report in the case of evaluations and it gives autonomy to the patient in the case of games & exercises.

Turnkey Protocols

Make reports or make your patient work in autonomy through turnkey protocols designed by our collaborators in physiotherapy.

Protocols Edition

Create your own customized preset of activities.


BioLab suite regroups biomechanics advanced analysis among which jump analysis, nordic hamstring test, combined analysis. 

Jump Analysis

Get reports on widespread and validated jump tests and go further getting imbalances report of the Jump’s impulsion and strength production parameters (rate of force development, thrust).  

Nordic Hamstring Test

Get reports on the widespread and validated nordic hamstring test getting imbalances report of the hamstrings strength on an eccentric contraction. 


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