Our dynamometric gloves with Computer Visual Feedback are developped for physiotherapists for research purposes. K-PHYSIO is an easy-to-use portable tool that quantifies the progress of the patient through a computer feedback. It can be used in a cabinet, clinic or even at a patient’s home. With K-INVENT's dynamometric glove, you get real-time acoustic and optic feedback.

K-PHYSIO is really easy to install. Just, install the software on a laptop and plug its DAQ Box on a USB port.

Wear the glove, launch KAPA-PHYSIO on your computer and select one out of 20 exercises. Results are automatically stored on its database. K-PHYSIO glove can be washed in the washing machine. It is available on small and large sizes as well as right and left hands.

You can download the brochure:
K-PHYSIO Brochure
FTDI Driver
FTDI Driver for Windows XP
The android app to control the dynamometer.