K-LAB is KINVENT’s product line for the complete laboratory assessment of the human movement for analsyis in various areas such as jumping, flexibility, balance, strength, speed, power.

Portable force plates and Inertial wireless waterproof sensors are synchronized with the K-LAB software. K-LAB gives you the possibility of doing breakthrough analysis to athletes in competition sports as well as rehabilitation, in various performance areas, inside and outside your lab.


K-DELTA is KINVENT's innovative system for the assessment of Ground Reaction Forces. Through an innovative triangular design of a pair of force plates, K-DELTA measures precisely left and right lower limb loading separately, calculating precisely the Center of Pressure and Weight Distribution.

Through K-DELTA you can perform Jump Analysis and evaluate muscular force and symmetry, speed, power, rate of force development, articulation flexibility.

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K-DELTA balance and strength assessment and rehabilitation

K-LAB software

K-SENS and K-DELTA are both controlled by the K-LAB software giving synchronised signals of IMU sensors Force Plates. You can lead breakthrough custom-made analysis with the K-LAB system or you can use its predefined protocols for

  • Jumping and landing analysis
  • balance assessment and rehabilitation
  • rhythm and human reaction assessment
  • posture training
  • Measurement of joint angles
  • K-DELTA balance and strength assessment and rehabilitation

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