K-FORCE is the new product line especially designed for the physiotherapist. The product’s line of K-FORCE is the complete tool for the patient’s assessment and rehabilitation monitoring.It consists on 5 products, allowing the real time measurement of the muscle strength, balance and range of motion for a lot of joints. K-FORCE devices are equipped with high precision measuring systems and the KINVENT's excellence in both mechanics and electronics.

K-FORCE Plates is an innovative product for the rehabilitation of balance as well as the assessment of lower limb muscular symmetry and strength. K-FORCE Plates is easy to install and helps you exercise your balance through fun games and real-time bio-Feed back and assessment, connected on your SmartPhone or Tablet.

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K-FORCE muscle controller is perfecet for evaluation of your patient's or athlete's muscular force. It is an easy - to - use portable tool for the physiotherapist. You can use it in your cabinet, clinic or even at your patient's home. You can quantify your patient's progress and get real-time acoustic and optic Bio-Feedback on your Smartphone or Tablet.

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K-FORCE grip is used for the evaluation of hand grip force. You can assess maximum isometric strength as well as fatigue. Grip strength is very important in sports and in rehabilitation for grabbing, lifting and throwing and should be assessed often after hand trauma or surgery.

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k force bubble

K-FORCE Bubble is an innovative and versatile tool transducing pressure variation into a force measurement. You can adapt the device on each inflatable cushion of your clinic equipped with a valve.

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The K-FORCE Sens is a Bluetooth connected inertial sensor. This electronic goniometer offers to the physiotherapist the possibility to monitor and rehab the range of motion for a lot of joints.

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k force sens

All 5 products can be Bluetooth paired to the K-FORCE Application.
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