K-LAB logiciel

K-LAB controlle les plateformes de force K-DELTA et le réseau des capteurs inertiels K-SENS et vous donne une des signaux synchronisés.
K-LAB est un outil unique pour votre laboratoire. Vous pouvez mener des analyses avancées sur mesure sur une variété de mouvements humains. Grâce à ses algorithmes de traitement de signal et de filtrage, K-LAB est une solution prête à l'emploi pour une analyse sur-mesure ou à travers ses protocoles prédéfinis.

K-JUMP, Jumping Analysis

K-JUMP, Jumping Analysis software combines smart calculating algorithms and scientific methods to calculate muscular jumping performance. You have access to various metrics like jump height, impulse time, stiffness, Power, Thrust, max force and Rate of Force development. Likewise, you are able to perform analysis on:

  • Jumping and landing stability
  • lower limb symmetry
  • Principal Component Analysis through the database
  • Classification of athletes on a Speed-Strength
  • Spider Performance Diagrams
  • K-LAB jump analysis
    K-DELTA shift weight exercise

    Balance rehabilitation and posture training

    K-LAB is a powerfull tool that helps the rehabilitation professional to assess and practice vertical balance through playfull biofeedback certified exercises to practice mobility. Our exercise library includes:

  • Body Sway movement practice
  • Left-right foot stability
  • 360° turn analysis
  • Center of Pressure movement practice and evaluation

  • K-GAIT, Gait analysis

    K-GAIT, a K-LAB's part performs gait analysis. K-GAIT is an ideal tool for gait analysis, inside and outside water. K-GAIT is a unique solution for rehabilitation, especially for therapies inside water. You can assess very important gait variables such as gait cycle time, stride time, support time, ankle and knee angles, spasticity.

    K-SWIM analysis

    K-SWIM, Swimming technique analysis

    Thanks to K-SENS waterproof wireless sensors, K-SWIM, a K-LAB's part, is used in swimming technique analysis for the improvement of an elite athlete's performance.

    Software Technical Features

    • Raw Measurement of joint angles and ground reaction forces
    • Data analysis (filtering, calculation of kinematic quantities, power spectrum analysis, autocorrelation and cross-correlation analysis)
    • Calculation of the Center of Pressure, weight distribution
    • Calculation of speed, power, rate of force developpment, jump height, flight time
    • Very low computing performance needed
    • Made for Windows 7 or newer

    Other libraries

    K-LAB is also used in various other human movement domains, for example human reaction time and rhythm. For any custom-made protocol that could fit your needs, don't hesitate to contact our team.