Force Transducers

KINVENT has a large range of force transducers for any application in biomechanics. These transducers can be accompanied with our 4-channel amplifuying system if you wish to use your own A2D converter.

For your lab projects and research, KINVENT can provide high-precision force transducers for all kinds of force measurments such as:
  • Traction compression forces
  • Load transducers
  • Moment and shear load transducers
  • Strain gages
You can combine these sensors with our 4-channel amplifier if you wish to use your own A2D converter. The amplifier has adjustable amplification and needs to be plugged through a USB connection for power.
You can rely on our excellent experience in the use of sensors. We can advise you on the design of your project and offer you sensors on very competitive prices.