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1 App.
7 wireless devices.

Muscle Controller

Hand-held dynamometer


Grip dynamometer


Pull dynamometer


Motion sensor


Pressure sensor


Posture and lower limb strength


Force plates for sports performance



Increase effectiveness
of your intervention

Assess patients’ progress in less than 20 seconds in strength, balance and range of motion.


Motivate patients through biofeedback, personalized rehabilitation goals and a clear follow-up.

you can trust

Obtain precise analytics, validated in scientific studies in rehabilitation and professional sports. Our products are FDA and CE certified.

With you all along rehabilitation

1. Assessment

View patients’ performance in real time.

2. Exercising

Create personalized rehabilitation programs with precise and adapted goals.

3. Rehab-gaming

Make rehabilitation fun, engaging and motivating with targeted rehabilitation games.

4. Monitoring

Monitor patients’ progress over time with standardized biomechanical analysis criteria.

5. Reports

Generate PDF reports in one-click.

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KINVENT products have naturally found their place both in the assessment and in the rehabilitation of my patients. Those tools allow an easy and regular progress monitoring but also an easy and accurate stance analysis. The use is intuitive and the software is steady evolving according to the users feedbacks.

Pierre Montès
Sport’s Physical therapist, Kin&Sport center

We bought the KFORCE Muscle Controller for several months. The use is very simple and the connection with the tablet works well. The monitoring of the muscle strength evolvement is very interesting and allows to get quantification. The difficulty is to correctly reproduce the assessment’s position for each test for the same patient. Perhaps the development of the tool to fix it on machines or fixed points can solve this problem. In any case satisfied with the use of this tool in the clinic.

Paulin Mitev
Clinalliance Sport’s Physical therapist, Rugby Club Massy Essonne’s Physical therapist (Pro D2)

KFORCE Muscle Controller is the ideal tool for fast and simple muscle objective assessment and reinforcement. The study of the movement in running enables to show the control or strength deficit of a muscular element. The aim is to reinforce efficiently and measure progress in a precise rehabilitation axis. KINVENT corresponds to my needs.

Thomas Lorblanchet
Physical therapist Massager,Certified in Sports Physical therapy, Osteopath,
Teacher at “Clinique du Coureur”,
2009 World Trail Champion at “Serre Chevalier”

In the past 2 years, I have set up my exercise science lab at Tel Aviv University. The company I have had the best experience with is Kinvent. Quality products, great prices, and excellent support. Check them out.

Dr Israel Halperin
Senior Lecturer at Tel Aviv University School of Public Health & Sylvan Adams Sports Institute.

I’ve been using the muscle controller now for a few months in clinic and although it started off as a tool for a few of my post-op patients to help measure progress, I’ve found it’s almost part of my daily routine with my patients regardless of post-op or not. It has provided me the ability to give objective measurements to allow patients to better feel and visualise their own progress, so that it’s not just me telling them they’re getting better – but they see it too. Utilising the app they can see their progress and how it tracks over the course of their rehab and my patients have also mentioned how reassuring it can be to see their numbers increasing as well as their feelings of improvement! 10/10 for not only the physical product, but also the app! All of the kit is so easy and intuitive to use, it’s been a great addition to my practise!

Sunny Sandhu
Host of the Physiotutors Podcast.

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