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Deltas sensors by Kinvent are dedicated to the advanced biomechanical analysis of sports performance.

Deltas force plates for static and dynamic balance

These force platforms are dedicated to the advanced biomechanical analysis of sports performance. Connected through Bluetooth to the KFORCE app, DELTAS help Strength & Conditioning Coachs & Rehabilitation Professionals to manage an athlete’s return to play.

Thanks to their design, load capacity and high sampling frequency, DELTAS measure Physical Performance in a completely versatile and fast manner compared to any other system in the market.


Key features

  • Versatile Performance Analysis
  • Force / Velocity Analytics
  • Jump Suite & Functional Assessments
  • Team Statistics


Jump analysis

Counter Movement Jump and Squat Jump protocols (CMJ & SJ): assess jump height and get indicators during the impulse phase on thrust, power, explosive force, RFD (Rate of Force Development) and Left / right distribution.

Drop Jump protocol (DJ): get jump height following a landing, force development during ground contact and the RSI (Reactive Strength Index).

Turnkey Protocols

Force / Velocity Spectrum Profile : measure optimal load for Maximal Power, a cutting edge test in biomechanics strength & conditioning. Guide your training towards one of these two antagonist components.

Dynamic Strength Index (DSI): get the ratio between an athlete’s ballistic peak force and their isometric peak force. This protocol includes isometric mid-thigh pull peak force (IMTP) and ballistic peak force during Counter Movement Jump (CMJ).

Unipodal CMJ / SJ: highlight Left/Right differences in Thrust, Force, Power, RDF, Jump Height.

Use cases

Functional Analysis

Squats and Pushups

Ground reaction forces and distribution analysis.

Multiple Jumps

Get Pace, Height, Power and Fatigue Index.

Skipping Tests

Get Pace, Time on air and Left / Right Force reaction forces.