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For physical therapists and sports professionals

A complete ecosystem adapting to the needs of the physiotherapist and coaches in order to deliver a real time objective assessment of strength, balance and range of motion, while facilitating patient monitoring over time and centralizing data on a single secure platform. This is Kinvent !

I’ve been using the Muscle Controller now for a few months in clinic and although it started off as a tool for a few of my post-op patients to help measure progress, I’ve found it’s almost part of my daily routine with my patients regardless of post-op or not. It has provided me the ability to give objective measurements to allow patients to better feel and visualise their own progress, so that it’s not just me telling them they’re getting better – but they see it too!


Sunny Sandhu

Host of the "Physiotutors" Podcast

Average score: 4.9/5


More than 4000 physiotherapists
trust us !

Physiotherapists, Coaches, Clinics and Universities all chose Kinvent to add objectivity to their practice!

KINVENT products have naturally found their place both in the assessment and in the rehabilitation of my patients. Those tools allow an easy and regular progress monitoring but also an easy and accurate stance analysis. The use is intuitive and the software is steady evolving according to the users feedbacks.


Pierre Montès

Sport’s Physical Therapist
Kin&Sport center

Simple and intuitive

Why choosing

A complete ecosystem
Save time and optimize assessment
Increase patient motivation by up to 90%
Substanstially reduce no-shows
Monitor progress objectively
Standardize protocols across your organization
Simple and intuitive

How does it benefit
your patient?

Fun and interactive sessions thanks to Rehab Gaming features

Real-time biofeedback for increased patient motivation and progress

Customizable reports combining factual datas and pratician expertise

Simple assessments with goal adaptation over time for a better rehabilitation

1 software. 7 disposable devices.

How to use our devices with the KForce App?

Our range allow you to assess strength, balance and range of motion of upper and lower body parts with maximal precision.

Directly connected to our application on your phone or tablet, KForce brings visual and acoustics biofeedbacks to help you assess efficiently. It also allows the generation of customizable reports directly stocked in a HIPAA-compliant databank  for a state of the art medical data protection.

Install KForce
Connect your devices
Assess your patient

Our devices



Muscle Controller






The assessment screen shows you values such as strength, balance or ROM in real-time along with data visualization tools suchs as pie charts and graphics for intuitive reports directly through the KFORCE APP. Available with all our devices.

Available on :

Specific assessments

Analyze posture and dynamic distribution of your patient.

Exercises and Rehab Gaming

Train your patient both in a fun and specific way depending on the assessment chosen.

Reports and profile management

Consult at every moment patients profile and details about a specific assessment.


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