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physical therapists and sport professionals

Save time & optimize assessment

A centralized patient monitoring system allowing on-the-fly exportable personalized reports.

Increase patient motivation by up to 90%

Let your patient progress with clear insights and harness the power of our built-in biofeedback to reach their goals.

Substantially reduce no-shows

An improvement in patient motivation inevitably leads to a natural decrease in no-shows.

Monitor progress objectively

Obtain precise analytics, benefiting from KINVENT’s experience in research and professional sports.

Standardize protocols across your organization

An all-in-one solution allowing your team to assess, analyze and exploit patient data on a single platform.

Use a scientific approach

Legitimate your expertise with our real-time biofeedback to consolidate your analysis.


With you all along rehabilitation

1 App

7 Versatile Devices

500 Key-Turn Protocols

Muscle controler sensor by Kinvent is a dynamometer equipped with electronic force transducers.

Muscle Controller

Hand-held dynamometer

Link sensor by Kinvent, for isometric strength and biofeedback training.


Pull dynamometer

Bubble sensor by Kinvent is a pneumatic dynamometer transforming pressure variation into a force measurement.


Pressure sensor


Force plates for posture and lower limb strength

Plates sensors by Kinvent. Force Plates for physios and sport Pros.


Movement sensor

Sens sensor by Kinvent is a electronic connected goniometer.


Grip dynamometer

Grip sensor by Kinvent is a connected dynamometer to measure grip strength.


Premium high performance force plates

Deltas sensors by Kinvent are dedicated to the advanced biomechanical analysis of sports performance.

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