About us

About us

KINVENT is here to fulfill all special needs for custom-made solutions on software and equipment. We are a group of scientists from various backgrounds; we have in common experience of high level sport and related injuries. We combine strong technological skills and scientific knowledge in the fields of:

Mechanical engineering
Computer science

This combination along with our dedication to innovation gives you the opportunity to realize any special application.

Our mission

We started as custom-made force plate fabricators. We are currently involved in all fields of Biomechanics equipment, in sports and rehabilitation, inside and outside water. When it comes to force and movement analysis, you need the equipment that’s best fitted to your needs.

Today we conceive and manufacture this equipment through innovative solutions, evolving around the user with practicality, reliability and plug-n-play features, for an affordable price. Our new product line K-FORCE summarizes all these features.

Who can use it

We address ourselves to every specialist in sports and rehabilitation, such as researchers, doctors, trainers and physiotherapists.

Take a look on our products for applications such as force evaluation, balance rehabilitation, jumping assessment, kinematic analysis and rhythm practice.

High –end technologies

In order to be the best in our job and to offer you outstanding evaluation performance in your project, we apply the latest technologies. Such technologies comprise: