About Us

"Numbers have a way of taking a man by the hand
and leading him down the path of progress."


Who we are

KINVENT was founded in 2017 by Athanase Kollias, a biomechanics engineer, and is located in Montpellier.

“In the K team we are all sportsmen and we had realized that rehabilitation was still a tedious process for most of patients, including us! So, we decided to use our engineering background and our innovative temperaments to help professionals through biomechanics, to assess, motivate and follow-up a patient’s progress” says the founder.

It has been 4 years since the KFORCE was launched and it has already become a crucial and central element in physical therapy care and has been adopted by professionals around the world, including clinics, hospitals and PRO elite sports clubs. According to many users’ reviews, is its versatility and ease of use that made it so famous in the sports and physiotherapy circles.

Our Mission

Enable progress through numbers

Our mission is to empower sports and rehabilitation professionals with tools enabling rapid and objective assessment, while making training and rehabilitation more efficient and fun.

KINVENT’s groundbreaking innovations bring scientific laboratory tools into the clinic providing unparalleled efficiency in progress follow-up. We apply our philosophy in all sectors from sports injuries and physical performance to pediatrics, geriatrics and rheumatology.

From concept to birth

Where highly innovative technologies meet with our platforms

In the labs, our engineers create software and hardware solutions, adopting high level design standards on electronics, software engineering and biomechanics.

Our goal is to achieve high end user performance and offer versatility.

From Birth to You

Own manufacturing lines

We aim to have total control of the manufacturing lines, from the first draft to the last component. Therefore, the design, assembly and calibration of our software takes place inhouse. We apply medical device standards in all our facilities.


At KINVENT we believe that progress comes through numbers. Our vision is to help all sports and rehabilitation professionals, engaging with athletes and patients through objective progress follow-up and targeted training.

Our strong expertise in measuring human movement gives us an unparalleled advantage to achieve our goals.