Measure progress.
Create progress.

Assessment and training technologies in rehabilitation and sports biomechanics.

Measure progress.
Create progress.

Assessment and training technologies in rehabilitation and sports biomechanics.


Assessment, training and rehab-gaming for physical therapists and sport professionals

Versatile force plates, dynamometers and movement sensors managed by a single app

Make fast, precise and objective assessment in strength, balance and rehab-gaming

Follow-up your patient’s progress and set rehabilitation goals

Motivate your patients through advanced rehab-gaming


With you all along rehabilitation

1 App

6 Versatile Devices


Muscle Controller

Hand-held dynamometer



Pull dynamometer



Pressure sensor


Force plates for posture and lower limb strength



Movement sensor



Grip dynamometer


Scientific publications

Sensor-enabled Functional-Mobility Assessment: An Exploratory Investigation (Golestan et al., 2019)

The population of adults aged 65 years and older is expected to double by 2050. Healthcare systems must adapt to in order to manage the care of this increasing population. Older adults with complex care needs require a significant amount of additional support from caregivers. To maintain, and possibly improve …

Development, validity and reliability of a new pressure air biofeedback device (PAB) for measuring isometric extension strength of the lumbar spine (Pienaar et al., 2016)

This study describes the development of a new portable muscle testing device, using air pressure as a biofeedback and strength testing tool. For this purpose, a pressure air biofeedback device (PAB®) was developed to measure and record the isometric extension…

Classification methods can identify external constrains in swimming (Grigoriou et al., 2018)

The purpose of the present study is to examine whether the use of fins is identifiable based on swimmers’ technique and to find out technique-related features that depict fins’ influence. First, a number of features were extracted from kinematic data given by movement sensors attached to swimmers’ bodies during …

Rotational kinematics of pelvis and upper trunk at butterfly stroke: Can fins affect the dynamics of the system? (Averianova et al., 2016)

The purpose of the present study was to investigate the rotational kinematics pattern of the upper trunk and the pelvis and the complexity-variability of their movement, during the sprint butterfly stroke between male and female swimmers with long fins (18–26 cm) and without fins. Two pairs of 3D…

What they think about us


Sport’s Physiotherapist, taking care only athletics patients, KINVENT products have naturally found their place both in the assessment and in the rehabilitation of my patients. Those tools allow an easy and regular progress monitoring but also an easy and accurate stance analysis. The use is intuitive and the software is steady evolving according to the users feedbacks.

Pierre Montès
Sport’s Physiotherapist, Kin&Sport center

We bought the K-FORCE Muscle Controller for several months. The use is very simple and the connection with the tablet works well. The monitoring of the muscle strength evolvement is very interesting and allows to get quantification. The difficulty is to correctly reproduce the assessment’s position for each test for the same patient. Perhaps the development of the tool to fix it on machines or fixed points can solve this problem. In any case satisfied with the use of this tool in the clinic.

Paulin Mitev
Clinalliance Sport’s physiotherapist, Rugby Club Massy Essonne’s physiotherapist (Pro D2)

K-FORCE Muscle Controller is the ideal tool for fast and simple muscle objective assessment and reinforcement. The study of the movement in running enables to show the control or strength deficit of a muscular element. The aim is to reinforce efficiently and measure progress in a precise rehabilitation axis. KINVENT corresponds to my needs.

Thomas Lorblanchet
Physiotherapist Massager,
Certified in Sports Physiotherapy, Osteopath,
Teacher at “Clinique du Coureur”,
2009 World Trail Champion at “Serre Chevalier”

K-FORCE Muscle Controller : We finally can calculate by a break test the strength of the hamstrings in procubitus, a lateral hip abduction and shoulder tests! It’s fast and quantified right away!
The lack of limb support or avoidance is a crucial criterion that is complicated to appreciate in dynamics unless having an obvious lameness. With K-FORCE Plates it is simple and audible : the patient reach the targets by increasing his support. I can customize the time, target and accuracy of the target area to add fun and be sure of the amount of support; and the patient has a feedback.

Stéphane Martine
Massager Physiotherapist, Shoulder and knee specialist

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