Force plates

Custom-made 3D force plates can be designed and manufactured by KINVENT, based on your specific needs for research, rehabilitation or sport training.

You can use KAPA-INVENT’S high-precision force plates in your lab for applications such as :
Physical Rehabilitation
  • Identify your patient’s weakness
  • Follow your patient’s progress through objective measurements
  • Improve this progress and patient’s psychology through biofeedback games
  • Prove the efficiency of your physiotherapy programs with objective measurements
  • Gait analysis
Research on sports
  • Carry applied research studies on sports and rehabilitation movement,
  • Use KINVENT force plates on humans or any animal, such as horses or pets.
Sports training
  • Improve your sports training through computerized visual biofeedback
  • Objectively evaluate your athlete’s power and technique.
Other applications
  • Our force plates have been used also in the fields of civil and automotive engineering.
In KINVENT we believe that you deserve to use the system that is more convenient to your needs. For that reason, we can offer you the possibility of obtaining force plates adapted specifically to you, easy to use and to install. Hundreds of projects have already been using KINVENT’s services on force plates. They have all appreciated amazing technical possibilities, through our strain gage technology:
  • Up to 6-dimension force plates,
  • Force Range from 100N to 25 kN, precision down to 0.2N
  • Excellent precision for the center of Pressure (COP), down to 0.2mm
  • Sizes from 50 x 50mm to 2000 x 2000mm
  • Sampling Frequencies up to 1000 Hz.
  • Integrated DAQ system, easy USB plugging, no need for an extra A2D converter
  • Custom-made solutions for Software and data analysis
  • Synchronisation with motion analysis systems (i.e. Vicon, Codamotion, Qualisys)
  • Various top-plate materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum, wood etc.
  • Portable if needed, easy to install
  • Very competitive price
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